Eggenberg Restaurant and Catacombs of the Old Inn

We had a couple of memorable meals and both were in Cesky Krumlov. Eggenberg Restaurant Eggenberg Restaurant is actually a local brewery and they even have a museum where you can book tours.… Continue reading

Hotel U Prince – BEWARE

Not going to spent much time on this one. Food was decent but the bill wasn’t. This place was right in front of the Astronomical Clock in the Old town square. TOURISTS BEWARE!… Continue reading

Trdelnik and Old Prague ham

This is the first street food post people! Hopefully I’ll be posting more of these in Asia. Trdelnik is a sweet pastry that is made by wrapping dough around a round stick, rolled… Continue reading

Accommodation in Czech Republic

In terms of budget, we were comfortable in the $60-$75 price range as it generally will provide you with an ensuite and breakfast in most cases. We found the hostel prices in the… Continue reading

Bohemian Paradise and Cesky Krumlov

We had to figure out what other parts of the Czech Republic we wanted to check out as it was time to move on from Prague. There were still things to see and… Continue reading

Prague Zooooo

It was our last day in Prague and Viv heard that the Zoo here was one of the best in Europe. Definitely a must see! We spent almost 5 hours here and still… Continue reading

Prague Underground Walking Tour – FREAKY

Prague has a couple of tour companies that do this tour, but we decided to go with McGee’s because it seemed like they specialize more with haunted tours than the other. Plus they… Continue reading

Kutna Hora day trip

This was another day trip out of Prague. Kutna Hora is about 60km East of Prague so relatively easy to reach by train again. Just like the last trip to Karlsteijn Castle, the… Continue reading

Absinthe Museum and Bar

Walking around town we see shops selling absinthe but this one caught my eye. Absinthe ice cream? Absinthe mojito? Ok we gotta check this out. As you know, this stuff is illegal back… Continue reading

City tour, Karlsteijn Castle, Klementium Theatre

Aside from the Astronomical clock and Charles Bridge, the Prague Castle was another popular tour destination to check out. We ended up doing a guided tour which included a bus tour around the… Continue reading