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Road trip to Cairns by Campervan

5 years ago, me and some friends did a one month road trip from Melbourne to Cairns. That was the best road trip of my life. I'm lucky enough to get another opportunity… Continue reading

Sydney and Surfers Paradise

The first time I made a date error on the trip. I didn't realize I booked our apartment accomodation a day earlier than expected as our flight from Kuala Lumpur carried over to… Continue reading

Sapi Island and Manukan Island, Kota Kinabalu

Sapi island off of main Gaya Island and is the main starting point for most scuba diving trips. Since we don't have our diving licenses we did a discover scuba session where we… Continue reading

Paradise Beach

On our second day in Mykonos, we felt that we’ve been constantly on the move and haven’t had a day where we just chilled out. Well we spent the day relaxing at one… Continue reading

Red Beach and Kamari Beach

Red Beach I’m sure most of us have experienced white sand beaches around the world but we were very curious about a beach in Santorini that is landscaped with RED sand. One of… Continue reading