Warning: be prepared for off the scale doggy cuteness

After deciding to stay put in Chiang Mai a few more days, we chose another accommodation to stay inside the moat of the city. Come Chiang Mai Lanna Boutique Hotel was quite nice with its vintage decor. I liked the style of lighting they used in the hallways and rooms.




Welcooooome! Those are really high doors. To lock your door from the inside you flip a wooden bar over the two handles like those old school Chinese homes. You have to lock the door with a padlock from the outside.



Same doors were used for the bathroom too.


From our new location, we were only a 5min walk away from the Saturday Walking Street Market. This one was pretty big as well but the Sunday market dwarfs it. We started the evening with dinner at the street food stalls by Chiang Mai Gate. Things we ate here:

Pork and rice sausage. A popular street food item in Thailand. I was expecting it to be sweet but it actually had a sour taste to it which kind of throws off your taste buds in the beginning. However, when you continue to eat more, it becomes a rather appetizing snack.


Roasted pork snout. Don't judge it till you try it! Its similiar to chinese roasted pork without the crunchy skin. It does feel like a bit of eating chewy fat but that's just the collagen. The vendor chops it up into small pieces and dumps it into a bag for you. They give you another small pouch of a very appetizing sour chilli sauce. Dump the sauce into the bag and mix it so the pork pieces soak it all up. It's gooood.


Noodles with stewed duck and pork blood. A pretty good noodle soup. Both duck and pork blood were flavorful. Probably brined with a soy sauce base.



Noodles with crab dumplings. From the same stall as the duck, the dumplings were tasty. Pork slices were good too and the clear broth really put everything together well.


Forgot to take a pic of it but we also got a steamed fish topped with chili lime sauce. That was well worth it considering it only costed 30baht!

Ok, time to burn off some of those calories with the after dinner stroll. It looked like it was just as busy as the Sunday market and selling similar if not the same wares as well. But one stall that caught everyone's attention would make anyone's heart melt. The vendor sells pet clothing and they had their three extremely cute dogs on display. It was pretty obvious that they were exploiting them for the purpose of attracting customers to the stall. But hey, it's a marketing tactic that practically guarantees foot traffic so it works.


Warning: Prepare yourself and grab a pillow as a subtitute so you can pretend to squeeze one of these adorable things in your arms πŸ™‚


She never moved! A fan was constantly blowing on her so she was definitely relaxed.




Is this the gas pedal?


The cutest of the three being put on a bike




Favourite shot


We took it easy the rest of the time in Chiang Mai before heading back down South. Our next stop was Phitsanulok. The main draw was the ancient city of Sukhothai nearby. A few locals we spoke to recommended it as the top attraction so that's where we'll go!


We almost didn't make it onto our train. We took a songthaew from our hotel to the train station. By the time we got there it was 15min before departure time. No problem, just need to print out our online tickets at the counter like I did in Bangkok. Nope! The guy at the counter tells me they don't have a printer here. I asked him where can I print it then and he directs me to a hotel 50m from the station. I rush down there and spot a tour agent desk with a printer. I asked if I can use the printer to print our tickets.


“No, sorry, not work, broken”…son of a…10min left.


I asked him where I could find one and he pointed me to another hotel 50m down the block to ask reception there. I dashed (still had my backpack on so I felt like a soldier on a mission lol). When I got in the hotel lobby, the reception was currently busy with a couple of customers. I turned and saw a few computers for Internet but no printer attached. Crap, this is not good. I walked beside the reception counter and saw a room with staff working on their comps. I knocked on the door and asked if they could help. One of them let me use his printer, sweet! I printed out the tickets with 5min left and quickly ran back. We boarded with only a few mins to spare. That felt like an amazing race type moment that's for sure.


We'll see what Phitsanulok has in store for us πŸ™‚