Chiang Mai, Sunday Walking Street Market!

We hope that this is the last time we'll be traveling overland in two consecutive days. It can both taxing on the body and mind when you're in a seated position the whole time. Good thing we're staying put in Chiang Mai for a week so we don't have to endure another long distance bus or train ride for a little while πŸ™‚

You get a strong cultural vibe in Chiang Mai with its several hundred Buddhist temples imprinted all over the city. The architecture of these buildings is just so beautifully done. The other place that I've been to that has more temples in one city is Kyoto. You could probably fill up a couple of memory cards of photos if you're a temple junkie lol We checked out a couple while roaming the streets. I'm sure we'll be taking pics of more as we explore more of the city.

Wat Chedi Luang


We couldn't enter as I was in a tank top which is considered inappropriate attire for the temple 😦






Don't remember the name of this one lol



We got into the city just in time for the ever growing Sunday Walking Street Night Market. My god this market is huge. Starting in front of the Tha Pae Gate, the street vendors stretches over a km down the entire Ratchadamnoen road. Its practically shoulder to shoulder traffic. It's gotten so big that vendors are also branched out along the small side streets. Even the temple grounds are all filled up with stalls. You want to head inside those areas for the amazing street food! We went inside the Wat Sampao temple area where loads of food stalls will guarantee to make your mouth water. It's ideal that the portions are small too because it allows you try so many different things. You can afford to splurge and not put much of a dent in your pocket since its so cheap.


The Tha Pae Gate is in sight


Heavy traffic!





Grabbed a seat waiting for our crab and mushroom soup to be ready.


Here it is! The soup broth was great and the mushrooms soaked up the flavours. The crab was fresh but a tad bit too salty for some reason.


Grilled pork neck. My favourite food at the market. Soooo good.


It gets chopped up and comes with a lime based dipping sauce.


The same stall also serves fish balls, sausages, and black peppered ham on skewers.


That lime based dipping sauce I was referring to. Oh yeah


Deep fried rice croquette


The croquette is crushed and mixed in with various ingredients like red and green onions, chilis, cilantro, peanuts, and pork skin.


There's a separate bowl where you should add in fresh cabbage and basil leaves to balance the spicy and tanginess of it. Great dish.


Thai omelette in banana leaf on a charcoal grill. There's several meat and veggie fillings available.


The egg texture was custard-like so it was quite moist. Add in the tender squid and we have a winner


A couple things we didn't try but took pics of. We'll have a few more days to eat at more stalls πŸ™‚

Fried quail eggs


Meat stuffed crab shells


After some fantastic eats we walked around the market and got a few souvenirs. At certain points you'll see a lot of street performers, especially blind musicians. These guys were pretty good.


We actually made it to the end and back totaling +3hrs. By this time our feet were aching and those outdoor massage areas in the market came calling lol 120baht for an hr foot massage, you can't say no πŸ™‚

The Wat Prah Singh temple at the end of the block is in sight.


We made it all the way!


Turning back now


A couple of stalls had cute dogs all dressed up. Undeniably a tactic to attract people to their booth



Tomorrow we're heading on a day trip tour to Chiang Rai and visiting the long neck hill tribe. I recall seeing this tribe on tv years ago and was fascinated by this unique culture. It's going to be unbelievable to actually see them in person! Stay tuned!