Authentic Thai Goodness

The best places to eat authentic local cuisine is to eat where the locals eat. We were lucky to have two memorable meals thanks to our local tour guide in Phuket.

During our day trip, our guide Boy took us to lunch at one of the family run Thai restaurants he frequently goes to. It wasn't busy when we got there but he assured us it'll be busy at night. I wouldn't doubt it with the amount of tables they had. The menu was only in Thai so we left Boy to help us choose the dishes. Every dish that came out was so good. Quick run down:


This was actually just a raw veggie platter that you would supplement the main dishes. We thought the green leaves in the middle were basil leaves but weren't although raw, it had a hint of sweetness to it.


Prawns with a local vegetable. At first I thought they were beans but it wasn't. They had a nice crunch to it similar to green guava. The vegetable itself didn't have any strong natural flavours to it, but it was a good balancer with the curry sauce. The prawns were done perfectly.


Fish with sweet chili sauce. I think this was fried as the skin had a nice crispiness to it. The fish texture was firm and meaty. In combination with the sauce this dish worked very well.


My favourite Thai dish so far. Tom Kha Khai. Chicken and mushroom soup in a coconut milk broth. From appearance, we expected a rich broth that might be dominated by the coconut milk. But when we mixed it around, the consistency was more watery. OMG the soup was incredible! You can tell they added a bit of fish sauce and probably lime for tanginess. It was packed with flavour. The chicken was tender and wise to use oyster mushrooms as they soaked up the soup broth. An A+ for this one. Now we'll probably expect every Tom Kha Khai to be this good 🙂


Curry crabs. A very close second to the soup. Crabs were really fresh as the meat was soft and sweet. The shells were really thin so extracting the meat was a breeze. The curry sauce was tasty as hell. Again, I think fish sauce was used here too so that may have contributed to the addictiveness.


Thanks to our guide Boy for an unforgettable meal!


If you can read Thai, here's the restaurant name.


For dinner Boy recommended a local place not too far from our hotel. The menus have English so we could order dishes ourselves. From the outside, the restaurant definitely looks a bit dingy. Don't judge a restaurant by its dinginess! Lol



This is where the make the raw veggie platters.


The place filled up not too long after we sat down with all locals. Good sign.


Needing our greens, we ordered a raw veggie platter. There were a few veggies that were blanched though. They dressed those with a bit of coconut milk. The dried shrimp and red onion chilli paste was dope. The shells of the dried shrimps were crispy and flavorful. Coupled with the red onions and chilli paste, it was a great dip to compliment the raw veggies.


Squid salad. The squid was cooked just right having a nice soft chew. They may have overused the lime in the seasoning process as the onions were a bit too sour. Still a good dish though.


Fried frog in garlic and chili sauce. Great dish. The meat was moist and went so well with the sauce.


Don't know the name of these clams but they were fresh, meaty, and bloody? When I asked the staff how they were preparing them and they said steamed. But when the plate was set down on our table, we saw blood oozing out of a few of them. Is this normal?? We've never really seen clams bleed before…especially if they've been steamed! I asked our server if its normal to have blood on it. He looked at the plated, smiled, said yes, and walked away. Hopefully he understood what I asked or just pretended to agree with anything I said lol Well he wasn't even remotely alarmed in seeing the blood so I assumed it was part of the deal. All we had to do is coat the hell out of it with the dipping sauce. The sauce was super appetizing and perfect for the clams! It was sweet, tangy, and spicy. The clams were extremely fresh and sweet. Best plate of the night.


Well there you have it. Our first two Thai meals in Phuket were beyond expectations. Looking forward to finding more hidden gems along the way. Happy bellies signing off!