Damansara Village Steamboat at Imbi

We were back in KL for a couple of days before heading to Penang. We haven't had hot pot for a while so definitely had to satisfy our craving here! I did some research online and came across Damansara Village Steamboat. I didn't know that the word steamboat was for hot pot so I was puzzled when googling the word 'hot pot' and came up with nothing. Anyway, there's two locations: one in Petaling Jaya and the other in Imbi. The branch in Petaling Jaya is the original and the Imbi location just opened a couple of years ago. Being closer to the LRT, Imbi was the better option. It was Friday night and we expected the place to be busy during peak dinner hours. Luckily it wasn't a full house when we arrived so we got a table immediately.

Looking at the first few pages of the menu, there were various set menus to choose from if you didn't want to choose a la carte. They had 2 persons up to 10 person sets. We chose the RM 68 for set for two which included 200gr of prawns, 2 flower crabs, 500gr clams, a couple of plates with various ingredients like fish balls, choy, tofu, noodles, etc. We also added a few things – lamb slices, daikon and enoki mushrooms.







It's a given that good hot pot requires fresh ingredients. But just as important are the sauces! They gave us a rack with three kinds: a spicy yellow chili sauce, the typical red rooster style chili sauce, and flavoured fried onions with oil. OMG the fried onion oil was killer. Adding a little red chili and soy sauce to the mixture, went so well with the meat and everything else for that matter. We practically finished 2/3 the jar. I wonder if this could be found in any of the Asian supermarkets because this would be a winner for the next hot pot back at home.



The seafood was definitely fresh. However, I think the soup base had a bit of herbal ingredients in it so that sort of affected the sweetness of the meat. I don't what type of clams we got but after thoroughly cooking them, they had a somewhat slimy texture to it. But it didn't really matter too much when I can dip it with my sauce and it's tasty anyway šŸ™‚

Looking forward to more good eats when we hit Penang.