Yummy burger at Airlie beach market

It was 7:30am and the weekly Saturday community market was already bustling with people. We were very hungry after a 45min walk on the Bicentennial Walkway from our caravan park to get here. There were a couple of vendors selling omelets and waffles for breakfast but decided we should look through the rest of the market in case something better came up.

About three quarters in, we came across a place that made my mouth water…


The owner had a big flat grill with whole roasted potatoes and a barbecue with all his homemade smoked meats. Viv got the roasted smoked lamb and I chose the smoked ham version.






Man, this was so good! The meats were tender and juicy. On top of the meat was a veggie patty that contained the sautéed onions, carrots and herbs. He didn't use a traditional hamburger bun either. This bun was very similar to a croissant. One final touch to the burger that put it over the top was the apple sauce. Hmm I wonder if pineapple sauce with the smoked ham would be a winning combination too? The roasted potato was a good filler and the salad was mixed with light vinegrette. It was a good balance of flavour on the plate.


This would be something I'd definitely try to emulate when BBQ season rolls around back home 🙂