Brisbane and the mighty cute koalas

After our three day stint in Surfers Paradise, we headed to Brisbane by train. But first we had to make sure our accommdation was set. We went to Mcdonalds to leech the free wifi and scoured the net for suitable options the night before. Finally found a place for rent just outside the main city area for a reasonable $60/night. We contacted Jodie around 11pm didn't get to confirm our booking until the next morning. Yep, it was definitely last min but we got it done!


We had to take the bus to the Nerang train station out West for the long distance trains. It only takes an hour or so to get to Brisbane and the fare was relatively cheap for trains compared to the buses for some reason. We only paid about $6 for the one way train ride.


The last time I was in Brisbane I only stayed one night so never really got a chance to experience the city much. Now we had a whole week! The main city area is divided by a snake-winding river with multiple districts surrounding it.


Areas we checked out:


South bank – We took a stroll along the harbourside which was a nice walk. We passed by a man made beach that overlooked the river and skyscrapers which was a nice view.






West end – Just southwest of South Bank, this area has a commercial drive kinda vibe to it with multiple cafes and restaurants littered down several blocks. Our host Jodie told us its a good hangout for local casual dining so we grabbed some lunch there after South Bank.


Central – We crossed the Victoria Bridge that leads to Queen Street Mall, the main shopping area


There were a few of these at the King George Square. I had the urge to kick one



Bulimba – One of the oldest districts in Brisbane. You have a mix of old vintage and new modern housing there. It has a nice small neighbourhood feel to it.


New Farm – At the end of Oxford Street in Bulimba, we took the CityCat across the river to reach New Farm Park. Our host told us that the city public parks are equipped with free wifi. That'd be good if you want to lounge in a park on a Sunday afternoon and go online. But I find it odd that wifi wasn't available in coffee shop chains. Isn't that suppose to be pretty standard nowadays?


Fortitude Valley – From New Farm we walked up Brunswick Street for about half an hour before reaching the Valley where the night life happens here on the weekends. The block beside it was Chinatown. It was only a couple of blocks really so not a major attraction here in Brisbane.


Kangaroo Point – There's a bridge that you can cross over directly to this area where you can do a few recreational activities here along the river like kayaking, rock climbing, biking, etc.





The next day we took a bus to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, the largest in the world. They're so damn cute. We tried to take pics of them in as many different poses as we could.









More zzzz…




Who dares disturb me during supper?


Now that's loungin…


Front view



Viv's photo op with a koala


The sanctuary also had kangaroos and wombats too

Hehe scratching himself with short arms



I know, you can't even tell the difference



Don't run away from us!


Some red kangos chilling





A couple of lizards were bugging it


Didn't seem to mind


Just turned around and plopped down by the door


After the sanctuary, we got back to the city just in time for the Brisbane Festival's Riverfire fireworks. They were lit up on the river across from South Bank. We got a decent spot in the King George Square area despite arriving just a few minutes before things started. The fireworks were well done. During certain times you can see fireworks shooting up from atop three separate buildings around the square which was cool.

We waited until after the weekend before taking the day trip out to the Australia Zoo as there were school holidays in Queensland during these two weeks. It was a good call as the zoo wasn't as packed as we imagined.






Massive turtles!






Red panda


Tasmanian devil -Ahhh! Stop sniffing my ass!


Tiger presentation

This was very informative about teaching the importance of conservation and protection of wild tigers. There are only about 3500 tigers left that live in the wild and that was a pretty shocking number to hear. Before the presentation began, the host introduced us to a 5 year old Sumatran tiger that was lounging on the platform. He was also one of the primary trainers of this tiger and had developed a very close relationship with it since it was a cub. He gave the tiger a big head rub and it was definitely enjoying it!



When the presentation started, they lead the Sumatran tiger away and brought out three sibling Bengal tigers. They brought out several different toys to entice them to play. One of the trainers got a tiger to chase this one toy up a wooden post that demonstrated their speed and power. It climbed up 10 feet within a couple of seconds. That was impressive.








We were told tigers love water. The next couple of toys didn't excite them enough to hit the pool, but they brought out their favourite toy – a big ol' rubber tire! One tiger made it in the water and it was fun to watch it play tug-of-war with the trainer.




Super cute koalas

Can't get enough of them. This time the main draw were a couple of baby koalas! One mother koala had her baby all wrapped up in her arms. Occasionally you see the baby head spin around to see what's going on






The second one was really adorable. At first, it got off the mother's back and went to munch on eucalyptus leaves nearby. Instead of hopping back onto her mother after eating, it climbed onto the back of another male koala. The male koala started walking across the wooden pole to the other side with the mother not suspecting that her baby just took off with another. One of the staff members was also watching the whole scenario unfold. It was funny as he was asserting to the mother, 'Go get your baby!' I wouldn't expect her to understand what he said since she didn't even move lol So the staff assisted the situation and brought her over to the other side. Once there, she finally realized it was her child that was with another koala. She slowly pawed it to indicated the baby to come to her. The look on the baby's face was priceless. It climbed back to the mother and she made sure he wasn't escaping again. She climbed across the pole, jumped onto a nearby tree, and positioned herself high up on a branch. I guess she learned her lesson not to leave her child unattended!



Just scratching my ear


Munch munch…


You wanna go for a ride kid?






Here we are…




Get back here now or else!


Yes motherrr!





We leavin…



Hang on tight!


Australia has some of the most venomous snakes on the planet. I don't remember the names of the snakes from the pics but make sure you run away if you ever see any of these guys anyway!














The Australia Zoo wouldn't be complete without its gators and crocs. Such facinating beasts. One of them was a granny over 80 years old!








At $60/ ticket, it was a bit hefty for admission. Its a good zoo but the Prague Zoo was better in my opinion.

On our way up the East coast, we picked up our one way Campervan and drove north!