Sydney and Surfers Paradise

The first time I made a date error on the trip. I didn't realize I booked our apartment accomodation a day earlier than expected as our flight from Kuala Lumpur carried over to the next morning! As soon as we landed and passed customs I tried calling our contact about the mixup. Voicemail. Crap. How long are we going to be stuck at the airport if he doesn't call back? And he's suppose to give us the keys to the place! Luckily he called back in half an hour and was going to be home soon. Whew!

He advised us to take a cab instead of the train into the city as it'll be easier to get to the place and cost not much more. Wrong! Don't ever take a cab in Sydney unless it's urgent because it's crazy expensive. A 20min ride plus the toll was $50. The train would have been only $30. Well you live and learn.

The place we rented was in a suburb called Darlinghurst, which was only a convenient 15min walk from the city center. After we settled into our room, we did our little walking tour of the city to check out the sights and sounds.

Opera house



Harbour Bridge





The next day we bus'd to the infamous Bondi beach. Really sweet views there. There's a great walking trail there where you can basically walk to the other beaches along the coastline.


Outdoor swimming pool






The trail






We checked out the 'new' seaworld aquarium and wildlife zoo there and I gotta say that it wasn't worth the $50 ticket price really. The highlight was the massive croc there. Looked like it was 5m long!



Upside down jellyfish


Disney character?



This lobster was huge!


Spot the fish?



Someone turn the lights off…




There was only one beam of lightin the tank because they want to showcase their glow in the dark eyes





Moray! These creatures look creepy






Stay away from the sushi chefs!


Nice coral display










Koalas are hilarious


He's whispering something to Viv







Umm can you get off me?



You can't see meee


Camera trick!


What's up there?


BIG guy




The Rocks Sunday Market. Lively atmosphere with loads of vendors here selling local jewelry, clothing, and other Aussie inspired products. If you're hungry, there's a variety of cafes with outdoor seating so you can take a break and watch other people shop.




Overall, we enjoyed our first stop here in Sydney. Next, we made our way to the Gold Coast – Surfers Paradise! After weighing transportation options, the cheapest method was to travel by air actually. The Gold Coast airport is located about 20km from Surfers Paradise so you need to take a shuttle or public bus there. We were advised that it would be cheaper to use a Translink Go Card for the public bus rather than pay $11 for the shuttle bus. It ended up being under $6 for the fare for a slightly longer ride so that was a no-brainer.

Surfers has gotten more touristy since the last time I was here with a lot more surrounding attractions than before. Most of the attractions are not cheap. A day at Seaworld would set you back $80! Quite hefty for a family outing that's for sure. Also, a light rail route is being built that will run directly into the center to improve the transportation infrastructure of the area.

Anyway, off to the beach! Ahhh memories…the shoreline runs pretty straight for several kms so it looks endless when you view the north side.





Notice the guy prancing on the right? Lol



We found our spot with no one near us and chilled there for a bit to try to even out those farmer tans. There were a bunch of seagulls to the right of us chilling out as well. Moments later, one seagull flew by and dropped poop right on my leg! I looked around and there was nothing around us for at least a 20m radius so I have a feeling it did this on purpose 😦 What made the situation even more funny – Viv and I had a conversation just the past week about her never having a bird shit on her before. I said that its happened to me several times in my life and its more common than you think. There will be a day that it would happen to you, you'll see. It was hilariously ironic that the dropping was just one foot away from hitting her and not me! I guess today wasn't the day to fulfill that prophecy lol

Nobody on the right


Nobody on the left either


Damn birds


Viv wanted to do this one kayaking and snorkeling tour (located at Wave Break Island and South Stradbroke Island) hoping for a chance to see dolphins. Well, we didn't see any dolphins unfortunately so that tour was a bit disappointing. We did see something cool on the way back though. While kayaking back, we stopped by a low tide area where thousands of small soldier crabs were shuffling across the mud-like sand. The best way I can describe the sound of their movement – it was like a thousand scissors cutting. When they sense your approach, they immediately bury themselves into the sand. It was amusing to see these tiny crabs quickly dig and disappear underground.

In the evening we went to the Jupiter Casino to see a show that was headlined in Vegas…the Jabbawockeez! Not sure how much the Vegas show costs but tickets were $69AUD here. There were dinner and show options for an extra $10-20 depending on which restaurant you choose. However, the least expensive option was also $69AUD?? Same as the show only price? Umm so we can basically see the show and get a free dinner? Sign us up! Although the dinner was at a pub, the food was really good. We expected burger and fries type of option but the set menu surprised us. Creamy pumpkin soup for starter, herb crusted fillet or spicy pork sausages with sides for entree, and a choice of drink. Yum.

Now the show…simply awesome. We sat on the second row on the right side of the theatre so we were up close and personal. Would have loved to sit more to the middle so we could get the full visual effect on some of the choreography. They weaved all elements of dance, music, and storytelling together so well. Don't know if they do the same routine as the Vegas show but they did a couple of ABDC performances (MJ's P.Y.T and Robot Music). This crew is mad talented and we'd definitely head to another show in the future.

Next up, Brisbane!