Sapi Island and Manukan Island, Kota Kinabalu

Sapi island off of main Gaya Island and is the main starting point for most scuba diving trips. Since we don't have our diving licenses we did a discover scuba session where we got two dives. The cost was 230MYR which was pretty cheap. It was a nice day to scuba with the sun out and the water at a very warm 30 degrees.

We went down about 10-12 meters with good visibility. The ecosystem was teeming with life. Lots of corals and various fishes. One of the coolest things we encountered was a large coalition of fish swimming past us. There were probably a thousand of them and all moving in unison. It was quite a sight. Hope to get more diving experience when we hit Australia.


You are here says Viv's finger



He was just helping this other guy put on the weights but Viv took this pic at an inappropriate time lol


Suiting up.


Here I go!


Safely landed


Down under we go!


That was fun. You can tell by the idiotic happy face I have 🙂


Back into the boat. First dive success!


Going for lunch before dive number 2


Like the walkway with the Sabah flags


Viv practicing with the diving instructor before our second dive



On our last day in Kota Kinabalu, we decided to head to Manukan Island and make it a lazy beach day. The water was clear and warm – perfect for some snorkeling! Mask and snorkel rental was pretty cheap at 10MYR. Even in shallow waters, there were a lot of fish swimming around us. You didn't have to go very far out to see other forms of tropical fish and corals.

Jessleton ferry terminal is where all the boats head to the islands



Just chillin



Ahhh clear green waters


Some snorkelers enjoying the views below


Warm waterssss


Looking back onto the jetty


You can do other water sports on the island like kayaking, parasailing, jet skiing, and banana boat riding. There's also a 1.5km paved trail that takes you through a forest around the island. Didn't get a chance to do it though. The last boat leaves back to Kota Kinabalu before 4:30pm which is kinda early. But it's understandable as the sun sets before 6:30pm so boats most likely don't want to operate in the dark.

Haven't had a chance to resolve the deleted KL and Taman Negara pics yet. So I might have to skip it and move on with Australia posts for now. On to check out them croco-koala-roos!