Sabah on Borneo Island, wildlife adventure!

Stupid stupid me. I accidentally deleted our pics for HK, Macau, and Kuala Lumpur. I was more concerned about some of the pics we took in Taman Negara. Now I have to find a place to see I they can do data recovery on the SD card. So I'm gonna have to skip that post for now and come back to it later 😦

Anyway, we had an early morn flight from KL to Sandakan with Air Asia. The LCCT (terminal for budget airlines) was a bit disorganized but we got on our flight without any major issues. The only gripe I had was having to pay 10MYR for a paper boarding pass when I already got it through my email. They said we have to print it out on paper to be valid?? I guess upgrading the infrastructure to include bar code scanners in the system should be next.

Sandakan is a pretty small town with the city center being only about a 4-5 block radius. But the town is growing as the first McDonalds is being established here at the Harbour Mall. This mall is also a new addition as the retail space isn't even half occupied yet. There were a lot of people hanging out inside though, mainly for the AC I think lol




By the waters



In front of the supermarket, locals selling their produce


Primary reason we went to Sabah was to experience wildlife in their natural habitat and not in the zoo. Viv wanted to do an overnight tour to Turtle Island and see live sea turtles lay their eggs on the beach. The package was about $250CDN/person. Holy crap that's hefty. I read that you can go to Crystal Quest (the sole agency that authorizes the permit) instead of going through middlemen (the other travel agencies) since they have to run through Crystal Quest themselves. It was peak season right now as well.

We decided to skip it and head to Sepilok to check out the feeding of orangutans at the Sepilok Orangutan Rehab Centre.

Hehe nice sign




Butt scratching on the rope while holding her baby, nice


Holding bananas by the feet too.





We spent the night at the Sepilok Jungle Resort, which was a 5min walk from the rehab centre. It had pretty nice tropical landscapes and had a decent sized lake.

Our room



Part of the wall is made from local wood



Some nice plants just outside our room




On the way to the cafe. It was a bit of a walk but we enjoyed the views








Cool looking palm tree


Red bamboo?





There was a turtle pond at the cafe and we saw a couple of bins with new baby turtles






Next day we headed off to Sukau for a 3D2N trip to the Kinabatangan River. Wildlife adventures!