Mongolian breakfast, Chi Feng

This was the first time I had authentic Mongolian cuisine. Viv said their cuisine doesn't really have any vegetables because constant droughts in the region makes it difficult for vegetation to grow here.

An everyday staple is their version of milk tea. The aroma smells like Ovaltine and the taste has a mild saltiness to it. The server brought in a large pot of milk tea that had some other ingredients in it – cheese, millets, and lamb jerky. It's an odd combination at first, but you find yourself getting use to it as you have more.



A very mild milk tofu that is put into the milk tea. Texture wise its a bit more rubbery than the firm tofu you get in the supermarket.


This is like the layer of creme you skim off from the top of milk. They freeze it so the middle part tastes like shaved ice.


Next was a basket of fried buns. Tasted pretty much like a fried donut.


More bread with yogurt buns. I like this. Semi-sweet and similar to the steamed long bun you get at Shanghai dimsum.


This one tasted pretty good and could be mistaken as a dessert. You combine roasted millets (very crunchy) yogurt and sugar.


Its like eating rainbow sprinkles! but healthier 🙂


Lamb dumplings. Very juicy on the inside. Similar to Xiao Long Bao


The lamb was really fresh. The meat was not gamy at all. It was soft but had nice chewiness when you bite into it.


Various sauces to dip the lamb in. Chive sauce, soy with chopped raw garlic, and chili sauce.


It was a great experience for my first true Mongolian meal. It'd be good to have a spot like this in Van for breakfast/brunch.