Jeju Island – Waterfalls, hexagon cliffs, & Jeju Love Land!

We were waiting for visa approval so we decided to get out of town for a few days and head to Jeju. Flying would have been the cheaper and faster option (only 23000 won for their sale airfare). Instead we had to use the train and ferry to get there.

In order to reach Jeju Island, we first had to train to one of three possible ports – Busan, Wando, and Mokpo. We chose Mokpo, which was on the southwest coast of the country and provided the shortest train ride by KTX. It was 40000 won per ticket (kinda hefty) but we were pretty eager to get out of town. Due to the timing, we were forced to spend one night in Mokpo and take the early morning ferry to Jeju.

We had trouble finding accommodation in Mokpo online as the sites we looked into provided the same 3-4 hotels which we weren't happy with. I read online that there were lots of motels near the ferry terminal so we took the chance to find a place to stay when we got there.

We reached the Mokpo train station in the early evening and began our search for a place to stay for the night. The city isn't as tourist friendly as I thought as there were no tourist offices nearby on the map at the station. Well our next plan was to walk towards the ferry terminal and see if we can spot any hotels. Hmmm we walk for 10min following the street signs towards the ferry and not a single word in English that says motel/hotel/hostel. The ferry looked closer on the map but was farther than expected. We cabbed the rest of the way and the driver dropped us off near the ferry terminal where a lot of the motels/hotels were.

The first motel we entered was definitely NOT the place. We had our first creep out moment! We asked to see one of the rooms and the guy gives us a key to check it out. We head upstairs and we weren't too fond of the hallway – the lighting was poor as it was dim and they used red lighting? Who the hell does that to make a place look inviting?? We get to the door and it was difficult to open it with our key. Bad sign. Took a few tries before we finally pryed it open. We go in and it's a pretty old looking room. Very outdated everything. Then Viv heard something in the bathroom…sounded like a deep humming noise. We went to the bathroom door and heard the same thing again. It was the same noise after every 5 sec or so. It could have come from the floor above but we weren't exactly sure. The creepy thing is that the humming noise sounded remotely human. We definitely were leaving the room after I heard the last one. It was the same deep humming sound at first, but the end of it had several silent breaks in between – either sounding like crying or laughing. Its hard to describe here but it was difficult to distinguish if it was one or the other. You'd have to hear it for yourself to decide. Bottom line was we gotta get the f*ck outta there!

The next place across the street was much more respectable. Brighter hallways and no noises!

We took the 9am ferry to Jeju. For the economy class, you don't get seats. There are large matted rooms in which you're assigned and you basically sit on the floor. Everyone pretty much used it for a temporary nap. A couple of ajimas in front of us used a roll of toilet paper as pillows…here's a travel tip for ya!

It was pouring when we got there. The Island is famous for several natural heritage sites – craters, volcanic lava rock formations, caves, and waterfalls. The first day the was uneventful with the rain acting as the spoiler. We hope the next day would be better for us, although the forecast called for more thunder showers.

The next day it was partly sunny in the morning but was suppose to rain in the afternoon. We quickly went to rent a car so we can compact our schedule and at least see a couple of major spots. Car rental is super cheap here. We rented a compact car with GPS for 35000 won for the day. The actual rental was 19000. 16000 was for the full insurance.

The first place we drove to was the Cheonjiyeon waterfalls. To get there we had to drive from the north to the southern edge of the island. The drive was abit challenging as the route was extremely foggy and it rained at the higher elevations. This was because we were passing the trails to Mount Halla, which is probably the island's biggest attraction. It's a huge lush green crater on the top of the mountain with a large lake in the middle. Due to the bad weather there was no way we could of hiked it that day. Look at these driving conditions!

The Cheonjiyeon waterfall was pretty cool. The mistiness did give off a heavenly type of vibe to the environment.

After the waterfall we drove to the Columnar Joints at Daepo Coast not too far from here. This site is popular for its unique molten lava formations. The landscape of hexagon columns along the shoreline was nothing I've seen before. Viv knew about the place from watching her Korean shows. This is the place where some of the characters commit suicide lol

After a couple of nature sights we went to check out this place called Jeju Love Land recommended by our friend Tanya. Anyone would get a kick outta this theme park! Its an outdoor sculpture park based on the theme of sex.

WARNING: the following pics NSFW.

Please follow the direction of the penis…



You can turn on the faucets to wash your hands. Awkward? Yes.


Nice chair



You'll see these random piggies scattered over the park. There's lights on the bottom to light up the sculptures at night.


Giggity giggity!




Lol great job on the nips


This one's quite provocative


You manually wind up this handle and you know what happens next. My smile says it all! There's four of these in the park





South Korea has a weapon of mass destruction! No wait, it's just a big penis. It's ok folks, we're safe now…


If you notice, even the bench is a penis





There's a couple of indoor exhibits. What will await us in there?




These look like claymation! Nice!






Pretty good detailing on these!

















Lol my fav








Asian version of 'Ghost'




And now back outside we go






Hand winding time again! The expression on the guy's face cracks me up












Here we go again!






I say they were trying to spell out the letter P.


I wonder how many girls can sit on this thing at one time haha





Oh those pigs are at it again




We caught the live action in Prague Zoo if you remember those pics hehe



We walked between these giant set of legs through a mini exhibit of penis sculptures with accompanying nicknames. You can guess what they are before trying to read the label.














He looks like some sorta Disney character…the crab in little mermaid?


One of the tamer but popular sculptures in here



Tee here, one more



Big girls need love too but man this is kinda scary









Artsy bench



Park wouldn't be complete without a penis fountain






For ladies only. But of course!



Follow penis for exit…


One final cue before we go


Now that was an interesting place to visit. Too bad we couldn't stay longer and experience better weather conditions. Would have loved the chance to hike the trails to Mount Halla. Maybe we'll have to save this for a second trip next time 🙂