Freshly Shredded Dried Squid on Jeju Island

I'm sure most Asians have bought a pack of shredded dried squid at the local Asian supermarket at some point in time. But have you ever had it freshly grilled and straight off the shredder?

OMG it's the bomb!

During our stop to the Cheonjiyeon waterfalls, we had lunch at one of the mom and pop restaurants there. This one lady was handing out tasting samples of their shredded dried squid. The squid was still warm and had a nice soft chew to it. The flavour had the right amount of sweetness and saltiness as well. I'd say it was the best dried squid I ever had!


We sat down and I see this guy behind a couple of cooking devices prepping up some of the squid. So I went over to see how it was made.

He starts off by placing disc shaped squid pieces (most likely has been seasoned beforehand) onto a flat grill and covers it for a couple of minutes. He opens the grill and you see the squid curl up a bit with some nice coloring.


He transfers them onto a second machine and slots them individually onto two rotating belts. The belts have teeth that separates and shreds the squid.


The result is what you see in the bin!


Everytime he stops the shredder, he opens the cover to remove any squid that gets stuck on the belt. Most of it goes into the bin but he'll usually munch on a couple of pieces himself. He was pretty kind to offer me a couple of them as well when I was filming the production process 🙂

So they pack it into small and large bags – 2000 and 5000 respectively. They also make their own dried fish as well which was also very tasty. Man, I wish I could have shipped some of this back home. Now I can only reminisce and drool over pictures. Bah!