Side dishes everyday, that’s the Korean way

WE'RE BACK! For the time being we're in Hong Kong for a week as our one month China visa is expiring soon. We could have extended it in China but the process is long so decided it was easier to hit HK to apply again here. Once we're back in China again it'll be another month before I can post again. So there's going to be multiple posts this week so I can catch up! On with the show…

You can find Korean restaurants almost littered on every block here in Seoul. We tried to enter ones with pictures and a price attached to it since we have zero Korean language skills. But in the end, hand gestures and using very simple English words got us by.

Pig blood sausage and pig tongue hotpot


Cold noodles – a food staple at many restaurants

Our first Korean BBQ meal!

This drink is good. Like a carbonated rice wine. Goes great with BBQ.

It's to wipe your mouths here people!

The following few days we met up with our friend Tanya who happened to be in Seoul for a few months so we picked her brain on where to eat.

Our first din together we also went to a Korean BBQ spot. The meat wasn't cheap. Pretty much the same prices as you would find back home in Van. The marbled beef was pretty tasty and the side dishes provided the usual fillers.

Shaved ice mmm

Afterwards she showed us around Dongdaemun market where the area is cluttered with street vendors for both food and clothing. I tried one of their fish cakes on a stick and it was pretty good. There were 6-7 variations – some are filled with cheese and sausage, others have hot peppers or anchovies. I was still full from din so didn't get a chance to sample more. Will do so later.

On another day Tanya took us to a famous local place by her neighbourhood in Gusan. They made really good roasted chicken. Apparently the owner started out of a food truck. His chicken was so popular he had to expand into a restaurant. This chicken was gooooood.

As we enter the parking lot, you can see a couple of large rotisserie machines roasting about a hundred chickens on there. When we got our chicken it was served on a hot skillet. The chicken was cut in the middle and flattened over a bed of flavored glutinous rice. In the rice you can see red dates, some sort of root, and nuts. The meat was really tender, as you would expect when it's made from a rotisserie. You get the infusion of the herbs and other ingredients that were used in conjunction with the rice. Yummy 🙂

Another place that served chicken in soup. Hearty!

Apparently Koreans have a knack for making good fried chicken. You can see a lot of different restaurants offering their own variations. We only got a chance to try a couple of places but overall they were pretty good!

Samsung Chicken

Dal Goo Chicken (in Mokpo)

On Jeju island we tried a seafood restaurant near the northern coast just above the airport.

Viv had the raw fish on rice in a bibimbap style.

Rice being mixed


We also ordered their grilled cutlass fish which was very meaty.

Finally, spicy fish intestine soup. Sounded intriguing so I had to order it. A really nice spicy fish broth. Inside was loaded with fish intestines (of course) and sliced daikon. We love daikon in soup as it soaks up all the broth flavours.

Of course the meal isn't complete without side dishes. This green pancake tasted like chinese 'leen go' – slight crisp outside, chewy and little sweet too. Liked it.