Frankfurt, Germany

So we find out that our connecting flight from Helsinki to Seoul got cancelled when we were in Budapest. Unfortunately they didn’t have any of those connecting flights from Helsinki anymore. So we’re forced to switch our flight to fly out of Frankfurt instead which required more British Airway miles. I converted some but had to wait up to two weeks to get them (still waiting). If we stuck with flying out of Prague, it would require a connecting flight through Heathrow London in which the additional taxes we have to pay would be much higher. Anyway, long story short we headed to Frankfurt to wait for those miles to be converted so we can rebook the flight right away.

Can’t say we did much at all considering how expensive the transportation costs were. There wasn’t much to see in Frankfurt actually compared to the other European cities we’ve been going to previously. We could have done a 2 day trip and trained it to Heidelberg Castle but the return tickets alone would have been €60 each for a one hour journey? After seeing a lot of castles already it wasn’t a must do for us.

They had a touristy square that is surrounded by old cathedrals/buildings that have been turned into museums. It was a close walk to the main river as well as Zeil Street where all the cluster of shopping malls are.

Berger Street – not that impressed. Reminded me of commercial drive back at home which is better in my opinion.

Protesting in front of the big Euro sign!

We stayed for 5 days and decided if we want to keep waiting for those miles to appear or just purchase some miles and get outta here. It was an easier decision to just leave because apparently there’s a big medical exhibition happening this week and room rates just skyrocketed! The two hotels we stayed at the rates were $60cdn/night and $70cdn/night respectively. Just because of the exhibition the prices soared to $250 and $300 a night! This was across all accommodations in the city! Triple to quadruple the rate so it was an easy decision to leave in the end.

Even after booking the flight we still had to spend one more night here so we had to stay somewhere. After exhausting all the hotel and hostel options, we looked at private rental options. We went on this rentals site called and there was a renter, Sebastian, that lived in the town of Kelsterbach close to the airport. Kelsterbach is a nice quiet neighbourhood and had its own river where you can take a nice walk along the well maintained pathways. The price was reasonable and he gave us a free ride to the airport so it all worked out.

Umm tanks go through here???

Lil bit freaky…

Ok, off to Seoul now…but not without it’s hiccups…