Bohemia Bistro, Karma, Boom & Brass

It’s never easy picking a good local restaurant when you’re in a new city. Sometimes the ones that they promote with the ads on the city maps are generally overrated, overpriced tourist traps. The first day we got there we saw an all you can eat sushi/Chinese/Thai restaurant advertised on one of their city maps. It has a two tier rotating conveyor belt with hot dishes on the top and cold on the bottom. The concept was good with the variety but the quality of the food suffers. The place was called Wasabi. Not a place we would return to.

However, there are restaurants in the city map that did fare much better. The hotel we stayed at recommended the Bohemia Bistro and Karma restaurants. They were under the same owner (establishments were side by side) but each offered different cuisines. Tip: if you mention that we’re staying at K9 Residences, you get a 10% discount. They didn’t check if we really stayed there and just gave me the discount so you could probably get away with it even if you stayed elsewhere 🙂

To our surprise they were both very good. We forgot our camera when we tried Bohemia so unfortunately we didn’t take pics of our dishes. But I got pics from our second outing to Karma. Viv got the green asparagus risotto with smoked goose liver and I had the Hungarian duck liver with letcho on an iron skillet.

Here’s their menu online




We went to Karma for lunch a couple days later and it didn’t disappoint. They had a diverse menu as well so it was hard to choose. Viv had the crispy rose duck breast. Tender. The sweet yam with light cheese underneath was good too.


I had the Indian mixed platter and it was delish. The naan was very well made and each individual dish was a star. Totally dug this one. Here’s their menu


Restaurant Boom & Brass was also recommend by one of the hotel staff as well. We sat outside where they were showing the Euro 2012 games so we enjoyed the atmosphere. Viv ordered the salmon. It was perfectly cooked as the meat was moist. The rice on the side, yummy!


I got the hanging mixed skewer that you see here. My utensil skills were on display as I tried to take the pieces off without using my hands. Felt like I was playing minute to win it! I failed as the meat was stuck on the skewer quite firmly so had to hold the top and work it with the fork. It had chicken, bacon, sautéed onions, and sausage. All of it was good but the sausage could have been less dry. It was the same as chewing on a pepperoni stick. The side of potatoes, peppers, and tomatoes balanced out the greasiness of the meats.