Eggenberg Restaurant and Catacombs of the Old Inn

We had a couple of memorable meals and both were in Cesky Krumlov.

Eggenberg Restaurant

Eggenberg Restaurant is actually a local brewery and they even have a museum where you can book tours. They’re tucked in the corner of the upper town so it was the only restaurant in the area. We had to walk through this long hallway before we could reach the restaurant. When we get there the place looked like an old town hall or something. It had really high ceilings and wooden furnishings around.

Anyway, the food was awesome! We ordered the pork knuckle with homemade horseradish and veal with sour cabbage and dumplings. Probably the best pork knuckle I ever had. The meat was fall-off-the-bone and was perfectly seasoned. The horseradish didn’t have a huge bite like you would expect with wasabi. It was tasty and complimented the meat perfectly. The veal dish was very good too. The meat was real tender and the cabbage had great flavor. It wasn’t that sour and had a hint of sweetness to it. I tried the Eggenberg dark beer as well. It was not bad.



We only had a couple of days so didn’t have a chance to come back and try something else but do consider going here for the pork knuckle if you visit!

Catacombs of the Old Inn

We found a recommendation to this restaurant from the information binder in our pension. There was a sheet listing the top 20 restaurants by this couple that had stayed in Cesky Krumlov for a summer. With that much time to try all these places, I think it’s safe to take their advice.

The place was a trip to find. It was located at the main square beside the Old Inn hotel. You go in and there are several restaurant doors scattered in every direction. The Catacombs sign was hard to notice at first since you don’t see a door anywhere. But once we found it, the door was hidden to the side. The door was particularly small. We open it and you see a narrow space with winding steps. Seemed like we were heading down to the bunkers!



This place had a very cool atmosphere! It makes you think about the movies where the people are clanging their drinks singing and feasting on giant turkey legs by hand. We got a totally different look though…a table of older Asians dressed up in medieval clothing with one of them wearing a crown lol he took it off before I took this picture but that would have been gold!







Now the food. Overall it was pretty good. Again we ordered the pork knuckle for comparison and also the steak tartar. The pork knuckle was good, but couldn’t put a candle to the one at Eggenberg. Wasn’t fall off the bone 😦 But the baked apple mustard seed sauce that came with it was really good. They had a lot of pickles and pickled peppers on the side. To help with the heaviness I guess.

The steak tartar was delicious. The bread was toasted and brushed with oil. It was really crunchy. It comes with raw garlic on the side. We chopped it up and layered it with the steak along with raw red onions. The combination of all the ingredients together is magic.




I ordered another dark beer, Velkopopovicky. I really like the taste of this one. It’s smooth and went so well with the tartar.