Accommodation in Czech Republic

In terms of budget, we were comfortable in the $60-$75 price range as it generally will provide you with an ensuite and breakfast in most cases. We found the hostel prices in the Czech Republic for a double/twin bed ensuite prices were the same as if we rented an apartment to ourselves. You get more space, facilities like kitchen and washer, and the privacy so why not upgrade to that? Another thing is that we’re carrying more valuable electronics with us (iPad and dslr camera) so you get the security also.

We stayed at the following places during our time there:

Stepanska apartments in Prague

Since we were staying in Prague for 8 nights, we wanted to make sure we picked the right accommodation! One problem we found right away was the lack of rooms available in both hotels and hostels that were in our price range. For some reason a lot of them were booked up already. Has high season started in Prague this soon? Anyway, Viv decided to take a look at renting an apartment instead. We found one that was beside Wenceslas Square and in the right budget range.

The place had two large rooms with beds in both so the apartment can sleep up to 4 people. Nothing really missing except a TV. Oh well, good thing we have the IPad. The place even had a washer so it was the first time we didn’t have to any manual washing. Big plus! 🙂 So overall we thought it was money well spent for about $75cdn/night.

We forgot to take any pics here but this is one from online. The furnishings are different than the pic but the space is the same!

Hotel Skala in Mala Skala

This hotel was pretty basic. Only complaints are that they didn’t have a mini fridge and the bathroom light didn’t work when we tried to shower at night. We left the light on that was just outside the door so we could at least get some lighting…ghetto! It reminded me of the time I was in Laos and I had to shower by candlelight because the village’s power shuts down at night lol

The breakfast was standard fare – cereals, sliced meats and cheese, some fruit, coffee and juice.

It was $67cdn/night. I guess we expected better since we’ve been choosing some better places for that price. You get what you pay for right?

Pension Ametyst in Cesky Krumlov

Not even a 5 min walk to the Cesky Krumlov castle and town center, this was a fantastic place to stay. The biggest thing was the fast internet connection. The best since the Novus City hotel we stayed at in Athens. With the pension itself, it was extremely spacious with a full kitchen, large bedroom and bathroom. We paid $75cdn/night here and would definitely recommend this accommodation to anyone.