Prague Underground Walking Tour – FREAKY

Prague has a couple of tour companies that do this tour, but we decided to go with McGee’s because it seemed like they specialize more with haunted tours than the other. Plus they were cheaper 🙂

After doing this tour you definitely do get the creeps. I only took one photo where there was enough light since our lens kinda sucks in the dark. But I also didn’t want to turn on the flash and capture anything on film lol But our guide did a great job joking with us and making us feel as comfortable as possible during the tour.

Our guide Brian, said he didn’t believe in ghosts until he started doing these tours about 3 years ago…

Just a little background before we went – In the Old town square, there was a famous incident in the 1600’s where 27 noblemen were executed for a rebellion against the Austrian imperial. The day before the execution, they were held in torture chambers underground, what was currently below the Astronomical clock.

So a summary of things Brian said that he and other guides have witnessed:

– he was doing a tour with a class of kids and him and another person saw one girl at the end of the next room running away. They thought it was one of the school kids so he went to chase her down. Somehow he loses her after a short while so he comes back and asked the teacher to do a roll call to see who’s missing. All the kids were present.

– black shadows were seen dashing across the walls

– a woman from a tour felt a push from behind when only Brian was beside her

– Brian said the walls can contain energies and have heard sounds and voices coming from them. There was one time where he and some tourists were in one room and suddenly they heard a loud noise that sounded like teeth grinding. He said the sound was loud enough that him and one of the tourists just froze for a brief moment as if they were in a state of shock.

Of course he’d revert back to humor throughout so there was never really a silent moment where the fear and negative thoughts may sink in.

So these underground rooms were once part of the village back in the day before they were torture chambers. There was a room with a well tucked in the corner of the home. The well was quite high too. The reason for that was precautionary. Back then people would poison other’s wells so it was the safest place to keep your eye on your water.

We walked by huge trash pits where they actually found clothing from that time period. So now we know the exact fashions that were worn and the costumes can be 100% accurately reconstructed today for plays, movies, etc.

Back to the torture chambers, Brian showed us one of the dungeons where they held multiple prisoners and used starvation as a technique. So you could imagine that once someone starves to death, the others starving as well would resort to cannibalism.

One more interesting note is the executioner who was ordered to torture the noblemen before their executions. His name was Jan Mydlar and was the Czech Republic’s most famous executioner. His story is fascinating on how he became an executioner. Google it!