Kutna Hora day trip

This was another day trip out of Prague. Kutna Hora is about 60km East of Prague so relatively easy to reach by train again. Just like the last trip to Karlsteijn Castle, the fare was cheap. Costed about 158kc each for a return ticket (like $7.50cdn).

There were a few notable sights to see. The most intriguing was the Sedlec Ossuary, also known as the church of bones. This was a gothic church that was basically built in a cemetery. Long story short, there were approximately 40,000 bodies buried there and a woodcarver used the bones in a very creative way to decorate the church.


Right when you enter the doors you see human skulls and bones hanging all over the place. The most impressive is the bone chandelier! Apparently, at least every single human bone has been used to construct it. That was sick! Never seen anything like this before. Just pure work of art.

There are also 4 massive mounds of skulls and bones in a pyramid-like setting with a huge crown on the top. Man, bone thugs should jump on this and do a music video here now!

Another impressive piece of work was the Schwarzenberg coat of arms that was created with the human bones. It was hanging in front of one of the bone mounds. The chandelier still takes the cake though.

Throughout the church you can see that some skulls have holes in them. This is because some of the have been killed by piercing arrows, maces, etc…crazy shit!

This girl standing upstairs by the window creeped us out. I just saw her as I was about to take a photo and she had a blank stare for at least 5-6 seconds without moving or anything. Didn’t help with the fact that she dressed a bit goth too!

After the Ossuary, we headed to the second landmark which was a Church of the Assumption of our Lady and Saint John the Baptist. Not as weird and distinctive as the previous, but still a nice gothic style church. There’s some large carvings of confession boxes made from wood which looked awesome.

The third and last place we went to was Saint Barbara’s Church. It’s labelled as one of the most famous gothic style churches in Central Europe. Upon seeing it for the first time you really appreciate its design.

The interior had so many chapels! We were given a sheet that explained all of them but we just got confused and overwhelmed so just enjoyed the visuals as they were.