Absinthe Museum and Bar

Walking around town we see shops selling absinthe but this one caught my eye. Absinthe ice cream? Absinthe mojito? Ok we gotta check this out. As you know, this stuff is illegal back in Canada so here’s a chance to have some authentic absinthe.

The girl working there gave us a menu and man, there’s a ton of different brands. There’s the distilled side, which are bottles from France and Switzerland. Then there’s a smaller section called macerate and those are Czech brands. The Czech ones have a bit more bitter taste to them but she recommended that I try those.

One of them had a huge beetle in it (looked more like a praying mantis)…nah, not this time. So I tried this one called King of Spirits. There’s no artificial coloring so it has a natural yellowish hue to it. Contained inside the bottle there are some herbs as well.

Light it up!

After carmelizing the sugar and mixing it with the absinthe, it loses 5% of the alcohol. Now it’s at 65%. I take my first sip…you get the tingly feeling on the lips, and then after it goes down you get the firy rush that you expect. The bitterness comes right after, and then the aftertaste of the minty herbs. I was warned the first sip was the worse and gets better from then on. She was right, it was more tolerable after the first.





Viv had the absinthe mojito. A bit too strong for her liking. But at least she tried it!


Wanted to have this but 2 oz of pure absinthe was good enough for one sitting.


On the left column and mid left are the two lists of brands.


No, you can’t just drink it as it is!


Yes that’s all the different brands of absinthe on the wall. It’s a fire hazard just looking at it.