Destination: Prague

We caught our flight out from Heraklion to Prague, which took only 3 hours so we won’t be cranky when we get there late night. We managed to find cheap tickets flying with Smartwings at $90/person.

The apartment that we rented for a week is only half a block away from Wenceslas Square so location is quite central. On the first day we did our own walking tour around town. Its not that difficult to navigate around the city center with majority of the larger landmarks within blocks from each other. You also have the river on the West (Vltava) to guide you with direction.

Wenceslas Square is a nice area with some cool architectural buildings to take pictures of. At the South of the square is the National Museum.












Street market north of the square





It doesn’t take long to walk around and see what catches your eyes. Aside from the typical souvenir stores, you see quite a few puppet/marionette shops. Kinda creepy looking inside with all those puppets “staring” at you lol Another type of business that seems to have a firm hold in town are Thai massage parlors?? It just seems weird to see that there are a lot of these parlors around town. Is a Thai massage really popular with the locals or more for tourists?

One last thing are the McDonalds signs. They really paid big money to advertise like this. Is this really necessary?

Yes, McDonalds is only about a km back the other way if you’re hungry

Prague national theater. Apparently they used real gold to make part of the roof!


Viv really liked these street lamps



The national theater was right beside the river. Very nice views of the Prague castle and Charles Bridge.





Heading to Charles Bridge



Statue of King Charles IV before the bridge


So many beautiful statues along the bridge







View on the bridge



There were a lot of street artists and performers on the bridge

This guy had is marionette playing a song on the guitar. Impressive

More works of art






St. John of Nepomuk. The oldest statue on the bridge. People tend to touch this statue to bring good fortune. You can see the coloration on the base from all the hands that have touch it.








End of the bridge








We walked back over the bridge to get to the infamous Astronomical clock in the Old Town Square. We got there at the right time as every top of the hour, two doors above the clock swings open and you see statues of the apostles move across. At the top of the lookout, there’s a trumpet player that plays for a brief moment…then everyone applauses. Happens every hour so you can’t miss it.







Other surrounding buildings in the Old Town Square