Central Park Cafe

Stumbled upon this joint near the main square area. It was busy and filled with a younger crowd than other cafes so decided to give it a try. We came back two more times. The food was good overall with a contemporary style to the dishes and the pricing was very reasonable considering the quality of the food. The drink menu had a lot to choose from also. Drinks were on the pricier end (which start at about €5) but I guess that makes up for charging lower on the food side.

Vanilla milkshake with Baileys. Every drink you buy, they give you a small glass of chocolate mousse.

Vanilla milkshake with vodka, pineapple juice and grenadine syrup


Beef bifteki stuffed with Macedonian yellow cheese on saffron rice. Pretty much eating a burger steak here. The rice was really good. €8.40



Penne scampi. Disappointed with the shrimp actually as it seemed to have been made from frozen so the meat wasn’t as moist as you would expect. Viv was trying something different than the penne con pollo she ordered last time. €9.20

Sautéed pork tenderloin with fresh fries. Could have used a bit more cheese as there wasn’t too much seasoning done on the meat. The cheese makes all the difference! €11.40


Chicken au gratin. Chicken made with a light mustard sauce, grilled veggies, and sliced potatoes with dill mustard. This dish was a winner. Chicken was tender and everything else on the plate was spot on. €10.80



Alfa beer


Penne con pollo. It looks simple but they did a great job with the tomato based sauce. €7.80


Penne with smoked meat. This was a good dish also. Smoked meat was flavorful. €8.40 (not exactly sure but cost is around there.