Lindos Village

We took a day trip outside of Rhodes to a village on the East coast near the South to a town called Lindos. The bus takes an hour to get get there so it was manageable. The town had a picturesque setting with the beach at the bottom, the township on the middle part of the hill, and the town’s Acropolis on the very top. Again, it was just not the right day to go as it was closed that Monday. We were fine with that as we already had a chance to see Delos and the Acropolis in Athens beforehand. So it was like a been there done that kinda thing.





Near the beginning of the village there’s a donkey stable for €5 donkey rides. Really reasonable, but nah…don’t want my clothes to smell like donkey the rest of the day.


Wandering through the village was easy as there were only a few major paths you can walk along. Heading towards St. Paul’s Bay we witnessed a bride walking down the street to her wedding. Nice! The bay looked like a large swimming pool. There was a few people swimming and more on the small beachfront. Seems like a nice area to chill for the day.




After the bay we went to check out the main beach of the village. They also had a bay but much larger. We trotted to the very end where you can hike along the layered rocks produced by the sea. There were sections of rock that jetted farther out so you can have your own area to chill. Now that was cool.