Domus Studios

Determined to immerse ourselves with the medieval setting, we opt to stay in the Old Town rather than the New Town. Our home for the next few days laid near the Northwest wall where it was away from the central square. Didn’t matter too much as it only took 5min to walk there.

Domus Studios was on a small road and the outside looked medieval with the big wooden door. There were only 4 rooms in the whole complex. We were lucky the host gave us the biggest suite that had the only balcony (that was our laundry drying station). We liked the setup. It had a high ceiling with stairs that led to the second level equipped with a nice small dining table, kitchen, and extra bed (it’s a 3 bed suite actually). The doors that led to the balcony let in a lot of natural light so it felt good to wake up to that in the morning. The bathroom was somewhat of an open concept where the glass-encased standing shower was right by the door? But the middle of the glass was frosted so you’re still covered 🙂

It was €65/night and didn’t include breakfast. But we were pretty happy with the place and would recommend others to stay there if they happen to visit Rhodes one day.