Medieval Rhodes

For the past three islands, we’ve been staying in the Cyclades region of the Greek islands. To keep things fresh and avoiding seeing the same type of sights over again, we headed East to the island of Rhodes. Rhodes takes you back to medieval times with the famous Old City, which is encompassed by a high surrounding wall that was built a long ass time ago.

It felt like there should be guards dressed up manning the gates and knights battling with full metal jousting tournaments just like that reality show on tv! But that never happened, awwwww 😦 What you do get is the predictable tourist traps of souvenir/jewelry shops, pushy front door restaurant staff hustling you to eat at their restaurants that tell you they serve everything under the sun…just like all the other competing restaurants next door to them serving the same dishes. Don’t get me wrong, there are places here that do offer some good meals. They’re generally tucked away in the less traffic areas that are not associated with the main streets where majority of tourists tend to gather. Anyway, those places generally give off a bad vibe and sorta ruins the whole atmosphere that the Old city can genuinely offer.

It’s still worth checking out though. They have a nice walking trail you can do which takes you around the fringe of the Old city. Basically you’re walking in-between the gap of two walls. It’s like a nice stroll in the park. Somehow you just wish that some dude would pop his head up from the top of a tower and shoot some arrows or something…damn I think its those movies like 300 that’s putting those kind of thoughts in my head!

Black and white crow??

There’s a section of the Old city that has a royal palace. It was closed the day we tried to go so we took some pics from the outside anyway. Next to the palace runs a pretty long medieval street that was pretty neat. Walking this part does take you back to those medieval days.

Just outside the gates to the north is the New city. Majority of the tourists would stay here due to the abundance of hotels and close proximity to the main beach. We walked along the harbour to see a strip of boats offering day tours to other small islands close by. We did a half hr boat tour that had a glass bottom where you can see the waters below you. There were some small fishes and rocky landscapes to see, but after 10min there wasn’t much else. To me, not worth the €10 price tag. The boat looks cool though.

Afterwards, we walked to the beach but wasn’t too impressed with the area aside from the view of the sea. Stretched along the shoreline for a km or so were rows of beach chairs crammed on bad sand. Chair fees are about €4-6 for the day. There was a casino right off the beach path as well. Probably a hot spot at night after a day of tanning.

The most popular day trip on Rhodes is the village of Lindos. That will be on an upcoming post a bit later 🙂