The most diabetic waffle EVER

I love fresh waffles. I love Nutella too. But when you serve something that can provide a person the sugar and calorie intake for days in one sitting, now you’re just asking for trouble.

Viv and I went out for breakfast in Syros at a cafe by the harbour that day. She ordered a couple of mini sandwiches (which weren’t that mini), but they were good value at less than €2 each. There a a lot of creperies and waffle places all over the Greek islands. I had a really good crepe when we were in Santorini but haven’t indulged in any waffles yet. So today’s the day!

I ordered the one with Nutella, bananas, and walnuts. And oh yes they REALLY gave me what I asked for alright…

I think the guy in the back thought he was making a birthday cake or something because I swear he used a whole jar of Nutella. I couldn’t see any squares! I literally used my knife to dig up all the excess from each square. And yes, that’s one big scoop of vanilla ice cream that I seemed to have missed when I read this item on the menu.

But I was hungry and I’m paying for it so let’s give it a go. I conquered about three quarters of it before giving up. I did have some extra pip to my step for the rest of the day though.