Porto Mykonos Hotel

We selected this hotel thinking that it was in the town center but sometimes mapping on booking sites don’t necessarily give you the most accurate location. The hotel itself was just right in front of the port…I guess hence the name Porto 🙂

Location wise it was still pretty good as it took only 5 min to walk into town anyway. The place was decent for the price. We got the same “stay for 2 nights get the 3rd night free” deal so it averaged out to just under €60/night. It includes breakfast also which helps.

The suite we had a nice view of the harbour. The aqua colours used to decorated around the room did give you a relaxing feeling.

The view

There were a few negatives though.

The bathroom was subpar with the stand up shower area. There was no place to hang the shower head on top of you. Second, it was a flimsy shower curtain that you pull around the area. The curtain didn’t even touch the ground so water was splashing over the whole bathroom floor! It was flooded in there and took an entire day to drain and dry. This bathroom kind of reminded me of the ones you see in Hong Kong (it’s even got the multi-colored small square tiling along the walls). Another negative was that wifi was only available in the public areas of the lobby and dining. The signal was rather weak at the swimming pool too. No wifi in the rooms were a bummer.

Depending on how you look at it, the hotel is passable, but the wifi and bathroom really puts a damper to ever reconsider staying here again.