Syros Island

After Mykonos, the next island we were looking to travel to was Rhodes. However, there were no direct ferries from Mykonos. We had to take a little detour to Syros island for one day before connecting with another ferry to Rhodes the next night.

Syros is a lesser tourist visited island than Santorini, Myknonos, and Rhodes. But I guess it’s good to check out an island that isn’t as in-your-face.

When we arrived, we had a little adventure in finding our hotel. We made the initial error of not writing down the address or phone number. So we started asking locals around town to hopefully find it somehow! We went to the ferry center to ask a local…she didn’t know where it was but directed us toward the town hall area and told us someone there might know. Along the way we saw a town map with a directory…our hotel was listed there! We found the street it was on (our first clue!) but we didn’t see it on the map since it only listed the major streets…great, so onward we go. We see a taxi station next and asked a driver. He spoke to a couple of his other taxi buddies and gave us some pretty pinpoint directions to the street area. On we march! So now we’re in the inside roads looking for a street sign that remotely looks like the street that we saw on the map. After circling the area for a while we tried to ask a few more people to no avail. Finally we step into this cafe and asked this girl there. We spell out the street name for her and she tells us to write it down…YES, she knows! It was just a block behind us in the alley! We finally find the place and go in…no reception?? But there was a note and key left behind for us. Whew!

Now that we found our bed, we can relax and explore around. So we started walking the streets…umm how come nothing’s open? All the stores were closed except for cafes and restaurants. It was like 4pm on a weekday…is the town that dead??? It was kinda eerie actually. We decided to grab a drink and go back to the same cafe where the girl helped us with our hotel situation. So I asked her why everything is closed? Apparently their working hours are 8am-2pm and 6pm-8pm? There’s like a 4hr break in between? That’s odd. But it was a totally different scene after 6 when we walked the same streets that were empty just a short while ago. Night and day! The stores were open and there were people shopping! I totally thought we were in a ghost town earlier.

The port area was ok. Not too much in terms of historical monuments except for a couple of 17th century churches that we ended up checking out. One of them was actually situated on top of one of the districts where you overlook the harbour and practically the whole city. The ascent to get there takes some effort. I don’t know how many steps it took for us to get up there but it was a lot!

Town hall

St. Nikolas Church

Metropolitan Church at the top of the town

to get there…

We made it! Nice views

One thing Syros has a lot of are cats! They’re prevalent on all the islands but we saw the most here just passing by the alleys and small residential roads. There were more cats than people during that “4hr” hiatus lol If you don’t know, we have two cats at home and Viv adores cats. So here are a bunch of her cat love pics. Meowwww!!









This one was sitting beside our table looking to be fed


2, 3, then 4!