Paradise Beach

On our second day in Mykonos, we felt that we’ve been constantly on the move and haven’t had a day where we just chilled out. Well we spent the day relaxing at one of the most popular beaches in Mykonos, Paradise Beach. Two other beaches, Super Paradise (where the gay party goers converge) and Elia are just as busy during peak season.

We rented an ATV to ride down there as it was only 8km away. If you ever island hop the Greek islands, ATVs are the most fun and efficient way of travelling about. It costs €15-20/day to rent a basic 80cc ATV. The only thing you need to make sure is filling up the right amount of gas…it’s €2 a liter here! Anyway, you’ll tons of car and moto rentals on every island and a lot of tourists are seen riding around.

So it looks like it shouldn’t take more than 20min to get there…wrong! The island doesn’t seem to do a good job of putting appropriate signs to lead you there. After going in the right direction with the first sign, we didn’t see another Paradise Beach sign until after half an our of trial & error riding in every direction possible. Oh well, it wouldn’t be traveling if things always go the way you wanted 🙂

We finally get there and the sea views were awesome! The shallow waters extended for 10m or so before getting deeper so you see a natural change of aqua green to blue. The beach itself reminds me of the Sandals vacation commercials with the bright yellow lawn chairs and straw umbrellas. We stayed until late afternoon only so not sure how the nightlife would be on a weeknight.

Picture time!









Pigeon houses??