Mykonos and ancient Delos

We ferried here after staying in for a week already. It was time to move on and explore other islands. Mykonos is known as the party island in Greece during the peak summer months of July and August. May is still early so it was rather calm when we got here.

The views here aren’t as spectacular as Santorini but you do get some pretty nice shots at the harbour as well as around town. There are several windmills and the popular “little Venice”. A lot of postcards of Mykonos has this backdrop.

One of the most famous archeological sites in Greece is on a small island near Mykonos called Delos. I read that it was the birthplace of the gods Apollo and Artemis? Most of the buildings have deteriorated to minimal structures, but still cool to think that all this was made over 2000 years ago. There are still statues remaining in the onsite museum and other museums around the world. Check it out:


Umm penis display?

Delian lions are the most famous here. The ones here are real and the lions out on location are replicas.

Floor mosaic

The ruins actually has two sections. The second part requires some walking towards mount Kynthos. The summit is suppose to be the sanctuary of Zeus and Athena. They get the most pimp spot on the island because you get a panoramic view of everything!

Going up!

At the summit:

See Viv?

Going down…

Next post, Paradise Beach.