Argos, Nikolas Tavern, Maria’s Traditional Greek

Again, behind on the posts so combining a few here 🙂


The first restaurant Argos was recommended by our planner. It took a little while to find it since there were so many places clustered together. We got a great table. At the very top overlooking the caldera. The food was pretty good as well.

We started with the eggplant dip…man that was so good! I don’t know if they would have it at any greek restaurant that would be on par with this.

Viv’s entree was fruti di mare pasta. Originally the waitress asked if she likes it a little bit sweet? They had another pasta that uses a bit of honey and Vinsanto ( Greek dessert wine). Why not try something different right? Umm not our cup of tea exactly. The waitress was really nice because she offered Viv back the fruti di mare at no extra charge. This dish was not bad.

I ordered the lamb shank. Quite good. The sauce I never had before. It was a greenish? Anyway, it tasted good and that’s all I cared about.

Nikolas Tavern

What a hidden gem this place is! Pure home cooked style meal with great prices. The tavern was located on the inner road paths of Fira where the shops are. You don’t get the views but at the end we’d rather have amazing food.

Viv ordered the lamb in lemon sauce with stewed vegetables. The lamb was super tender. It was like eating prime rib. The veggies was soaked in a really hearty broth (lamb is buried underneath)

I got the cuttlefish in wine sauce. This dish was a winner too. The strips of cuttlefish also was really tender. It was over broth soaked rice and we were craving some rice at the time (we were missing that Asian staple do sooo long). Thumbs up!

Maria’s Traditional Greek

Maria’s is a place where we ate dinner in Mykonos. Another restaurant that is tucked in the backstreets from the popular harbour area. Sometimes the best places are not in the well known areas right? We actually passed by this one a few times before deciding to have din here. From what we read online it’s another home cooking style restaurant…just what I liked!

It didn’t disappoint. Although it took about 20 min to get our food, at least we knew that Maria (yes, she did the cooking!) was making everything fresh.

Viv got the veal with tomato sauce. The rice that it came with was pretty good too.

I had the lamb chops which were very well made. Seasoned well and moist.

To top it off, full glasses of house red wine at €2 per glass.