The Mighty Acropolis!

We finally got a chance to check out the number one attraction in Athens today and it definitely should be on anyone’s bucket list. It seems like it was on everyone else’s as there were dozens and dozens of tour groups there guided like herds of sheep. It costs €12 for tickets and includes admission to 5 other archaeological sites around the city.

There’s major reconstruction occurring all over the site. It sort of takes away the mystique a little when you see cranes and scaffolding wrapping around most of the Parthenon. But putting in perspective that the monuments are over two thousand years old, you can’t help but imagine transporting yourself back to ancient times. Anyways, let’s roll some pics!

Theatre of Dionysos



Odeon of Herodes Atticus



Propylaea gateway (first 2 pics entering, last 2 exiting)















Shrine of Athena Polias




After the Acropolis, we checked out a couple of other sites:

Roman Agora