We saw this place as a recommendation on Trip Advisor so decided to go here for lunch after the Acropolis sightseeing. It was in the heart of Monastiraki Square, situated in an alley surrounded by other restaurants serving similar items.

Viv got the beef souvlaki for €12 and I ordered the chicken souvlaki at €9.4. Tzakiki was extra at €3.2 but they give you a big portion of it.

The meat portions were quite large (6-7 ounces) and they came with the skewers unattached! The pita bread was also pre-cut. Cool, no work required! 🙂 The beef was actually veal and was pretty tender. The chicken was not bad, just a bit too heavily salted.

I also tried one of their beers, Mythos. Tasted like Heineken but lighter. The other local brand I have yet to try is Alfa. In due time.