Novus Hotel – Athens

This hotel was located just a block away from the metro station (Metaxourghio), which was rather convenient since it’s only three stops away from the Acropolis. The only drawback about it is the neighbourhood doesn’t look that appealing as you see run down looking shops that remind you a bit of Vancouver East Hastings :/

The hotel itself is pretty decent considering the area.

We got there at 7am and couldn’t check in until 10am so we killed some time by eating at their breakfast buffet and chilled at the lounge area. They had some good variety – fresh baked goods, cereals, bacon/eggs, juice/coffee machines, cold cuts, salad w/ some good homemade feta, and a some good desserts. One in particular I thought was quite good. It was a hot milky pudding with bits of glutinous rice inside and sprinkled with powder cinnamon. Tasted similar to the baked tapioca pudding you get at the Chinese restaurants. I’m not worried about my sugar levels so YES I look forward to having this again tomorrow 🙂 thumbs up for the breakfast.

We finally checked into our room and were quite happy with what we got. The decor looked like what you would find in a boutique hotel with the use of pastel colours. The bathroom was very clean so that was a good indication that the rooms are well kept by the staff.

The main attraction of the hotel is the swimming pool and restaurant on the top floor of the building. You get a full view of the city and a fantastic view of the Acropolis. We were able to take a few shots at night.

Overall it’s got good value. We paid about $85/night for 3 nights. Friendly and helpful staff, good food, and a great view from the roof to compliment it all. It’s worth it to stay at this hotel if you’re not picky about location and willing to travel a few stops to get to the main city center.