Koouixov Grill House

Note even sure if I got the spelling right but that’s what I read in the pics 😉

This is the first place we ate outside of the hotel for lunch today in the middle of the Plaka district. Prices were fairly reasonable considering it’s in the most touristy part of town.

Viv tried the grilled octopus at €12.50. At first sight it looked like it could be dry and rubbery but it wasn’t. The octopus wasn’t salted much so you really get the flavor of the meat. I guess that’s why they give you capers and pickled peppers. The salad wasn’t bland either as it was dressed with olive oil and a light but tangy vinegrette.

I had the roast pork gyro at €9. The portion was quite large. The pork was decent. The slightly crispier parts were kind of dry but dipping it in their tzakiki sauce helped. The sauce was pretty good actually. Everything else on the plate was your typical fare.

The staples we still need to try is the lamb soulvaki and donairs. Hope to do that tomorrow 🙂