Acropolis, closed???

After getting up and stuffing ourselves silly at the breakfast buffet for the second straight day, we were looking forward to seeing this great wonder of the world. We get to the entrance and the gates are closed?? There was a paper sign that read:

“The Acropolis is closed today due to the election. Sorry for the inconvenience”

Apparently there was a national election today…greeeeat…so we’ll have to come back tomorrow šŸ˜¦ We took a few pics from the perimeter so we got at least something out of it. Here’s a little teaser:

Not only was the Acropolis closed, majority of the businesses were not open today aside from the restaurants. We even had trouble finding a local convenience store to buy a tube of toothpaste! I’m not exaggerating as even front desk of our hotel told us the election has closed up those shops too.

Not all was ruined as the Acropolis museum was open. Actually it turned out better that we went to the museum prior to the actual site because it gave us a lesson about the history of the Acropolis and the Parthenon. The third floor was pretty cool since it was the only floor which allowed pictures. It was funny to see security stop other visitors from taking pics on the other floors. I bet they get pissed off every time someone does it because there are clear signages in the beginning which show a camera with a red circle slash. Don’t tell me they thought they were stupid enough to think they were non-smoking signs?

Anyway, pics!

Replica of the 12 Olympians on one side of the pediments of the Parthenon and the actual pieces in the exhibit.

The opposite side that depicts a battle between Athena and Posidon.

This structure was placed on the top of the temple.

After the museum, we hit Plaka, which is the district where you’ll find an abundance of souvenir shops with paintings, sculptures, and other things they can possibly monetize from you. Here’s a prime example:

Here are several more pics of the Plaka area and our attempts to get artistic šŸ™‚



Tomorrow, ACROPOLIS!