Athens: Arrived

Hey guys!

Thx for posting all your comments to us. Much appreciated!

First things first, we got all our bags! I did not want another Air Canada incident on my hands lol

So we arrived in London around 1:40pm with a 7 hr layover. We went to change some euros into pounds and we encounter our first mini side story.

Viv had a $100 Argentinian Peso that she had in the drawer (she doesn’t remember where she originally got it?) and wanted to convert it. The lady at the counter runs it through the system and to our surprise she says,

“This bill does not exist. I will have to contact the police about this

Umm is this an old bill they don’t use anymore or just a counterfeit of some sort?? Anyway, the first thing that came to my mind is I hope we don’t get detained for questioning or anything…we just wanted to change some cash damn it! But good thing that scenario didn’t play out lol She said she can’t give us the bill back and that was the extent of it. Whew!

With the 7hr layover, we thought there would be a few hours to spare and head out to Central London on Viv’s mission – buying a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps. Didn’t have her size so it was ultimately a fail. Only the women will understand the pain she’s going through. Boys can disregard đŸ™‚

Attempting to catch the 6:03pm Heathrow Connect train back to the airport didn’t go as planned. We ended up getting off one stop too late and found ourselves literally running around in circles after asking for directions to the train station three times. I think we would have been eliminated early if we participated in the Amazing Race :p When we got to the station after our train had left, the ticket counter said we can jump on the express and just pay for the upgrade of £12/person. A costly mistake, but we had no choice so went ahead onto the Heathrow Express. Luckily after explaining why we were late for the last train, the ticket conductor let us off the hook paying the upgrade. Sweeeet.

Didn’t take much shots at the moment save for a couple:

Not exactly the best looking Olympic merchandise that I’ve seen. End of story.

At our hotel now waiting to check in. Will most likely take it easy and may check out the Acropolis later in the day. Look out for the next update.



5 thoughts on “Athens: Arrived

  1. Fiona & fam on said:

    Oh Viv, feel for you.. London let you down. Have a few pints of Pimms.. It’ll help. Have the best trip you guys! Lots of pics to bring back. Xx

  2. elita on said:

    =( Boo… It’s ok Viv, the universe always finds a way to balance itself out, maybe you’ll find another pair of amazing designer shoes… on sale =)

  3. Harv on said:

    I can’t belive Viv failed in getting the Christian Louboutin pumps, I am heart broken….

  4. She says wahhhhh! Damn blog I can’t make it do what I want right now…wahhhhhh!

  5. Michelle on said:

    Dude. The shoe story? My heart broke for you. But Elita is right, there will be other shoes, for other times!!!!

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